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Back to everyday life

We can help you overcome the challenges you are facing with mitigating the threat that COVID-19 poses to your community. We developed procedures and protocols, combining proven infection control products and practices, that will allow you to safely return to pre-pandemic operating capacity.

back to church

TDS Back to Church is a comprehensive COVID-19 mitigation end to end solution. Here is what we recommend:

  1. Have your building cleaned, disinfected and tested with a certified infection control specialist

  2. Put protocols in place that focus on preventing individuals from bringing COVID-19 contaminants into the building

  3. Have your facility manager and janitorial crew trained by a certified infection control specialist

  4. Utilize FDA approved products to maintain protected

We provide steps 1 - 4 and COVID-19 Virus Suppression & Mitigation Kits as a single source solution.

Phased reopening and return to work guidelines require that businesses utilize safe return procedures, which are different from what most have been accustom to. Executives now have to navigate and manage the complexity of measured, safe re-openings, which include mandates and varying city, state, and federal guidelines — all of which are certain to evolve dynamically over time.

TDS Back to Work solutions address many of the challenges that corporate America is facing in ramping up to pre-pandemic operating capacity.

Our comprehensive end to end viral mitigation solution provides everything you will need from training compliance and disinfecting protocols, to same day testing and A.I. threat detection systems.

Back to school -

TDS Back to School addresses the unique challenges that administrators of colleges and universities are currently experiencing in relation to COVID-19 — getting students back to campus safely. In conjunction with TDS Labs, we are happy to provide but are not limited to the following services:

  • COVID-19 Human Screening Testing

  • Facility Testing Solutions Consulting

  • Air Quality Management

  • Non-corrosive Sanitizing & Disinfecting Products

  • Full Service Janitorial Services

  • Janitorial Staff Certification Training

  • Threat Detection Systems

  • Same Day Electronic Testing Results

We develop and implement procedures, protocols and technology that will allow our institutions of higher learning to safely return to pre-pandemic operating capacity

Back to Travel -

Many are eager to see the travel industry return to full strength in 2021. For this to happen, travel executives must re-imagine processes such as cleanliness and sanitizing protocols, air quality, same day COVID-19 testing, and enhanced viral awareness training for administrative and janitorial staff.

TDS Back to Travel solutions addresses many of the unique challenges that the travel industry is facing. We do the threat mitigation heavy lifting in the background so Travel Managers can focus on taking care of the customer.

A dedicated focus must be placed on moving travelers safely and responsibly through our airports, hotels, restaurants, rental car facilities, cruise lines and theme parks. WE HAVE THE SOLUTION.

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