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TDS Services | Strategic Planning For Churches

Throughout the past 15 years, TDS has assisted more than 40 church leaderships across the United States. Our strategic planning for churches is fully developed and led by spiritual principles. In four weeks, we can survey your entire congregation, and create a custom plan to meet the specific needs of your members and the surrounding community. 



  • Receive a comprehensive snapshot of the demographics of your membership

  • Identify training needs for various family life experiences and situations

  • Receive structured membership feedback on leadership styles 

  • Excellent resource to assist in designing educational curriculum

  • Excellent resource to assist in designing workshops for members

  • Excellent resource for tailoring ministries to meet specific needs

  • Foster unity in the congregation

  • Easily utilize the information for three to five years

WEEks 1-2

Introduce purpose and designate survey time to congregation

WEEk 3

Administer needs analysis to membership

WEEk 4

Recap results and provide recommendations and resources to the leadership

WEEk 5 & Beyond

Begin change initiative with congregation and community

With our expertise, along with spiritual fundamentals, TDS & Associates can strengthen your leadership to exemplify serving and provide the adequate care and resources. 

"At the heart of the matter, is the matter of the heart.” 

-Dewayne Scott, Founder & CEO, TDS & Associates

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